Competitive property survey

You can’t make a leasing strategy without knowing the market

By knowing the competition, you can see your own property!

What do you know about competing properties?

Knowing your competitors’ information is very important in your marketing strategy. We will improve the value of the property by comparing it with other companies and further differentiating it.

Conflict report sample

▼Overview photos and basic specifications of competing properties

▼Plot the property on the map

▼Distribution of unit price per tsubo in the area where you are located

▼Contract status of property location area

▼Recruitment status of property location area

Competitive property survey

By knowing the unit price per tsubo / contract status / average occupied area / completion date / number of structural floors of competing properties, we will report data such as how valuable your property is now and how it compares to the average.
We will recognize the location of our property and differentiate it from others to appeal.


Market data file

Fixed-point observation of the market that changes daily

With market data files from macro perspectives to micro perspectives.

Leasing from a broader perspective

When I’m doing leasing activities on a regular basis, I tend to focus on small things. A micro perspective on property specifications, such as “should I have three stoves,” is important, but a leasing strategy from a more macro perspective is also important.

We offer a wide range of products, from the property version that focuses on properties from a micro perspective to the population / economic trend version that is viewed from a macro perspective.

Service lineup

  1. Market data file / property version
  2. Market data file / area version
  3. Market data file / construction start data version
  4. Market data file / population / economic trend


1. High freshness of information
We will provide the data as of the end of the month around the 10th to 20th of the following month!
2. Data customization is possible
In principle, we will provide it in a format that matches your desired format!
3. Collect live voices from the field
A lively information network that utilizes the connections with intermediaries cultivated through the company’s media “Rakuchin Sheet Listing (visited more than 800,000 companies in total since 2007)”

Report sample

▼Age, gender, number of households, occupancy

▼Rent assessment plan

▼Competitive property information (campaign, vacancies)

▼Competitive property information (fixed point observation)

▼Population / Economic Trend Version: Population Trends in Tokyo

▼Construction start data version Number of construction starts

You can download the report sample from the following.

Market date file spot version
Market date file property version
Market date file area version